Resistor combination calculator

Enter the resistor value you need in Ohms (sorry, no unit parsing/converter now), pick your maximum number of resistors in the combination, choose the resistor values available to make combination (you can even pick custom subsets of E12 or E24), adjust the combination type (parallel only, series only or both), hit the "Compute" button.
Mind you, the closeness of the combination value to your required one doesn't guarantee that you'll actually obtain that value using resistors with a tolerance of ±10% (E12) or ±5% (E24).

Every additional resistor in the combination will improve the quality of the resulted values by roughly two orders of magnitude. However asking for combinations made of a higher number of resistors will cause longer searches for combinations (an exponential growth). The calculator will restrict the maximum number of resistors in combination based on the number of the available/input resistor values.

Even with those restrictions, a full scan of all combinations may take quite a while; hit the "Cancel" button earlier if you see a result that's good enough

Value Rel.err
(% of target)
(% of target)
(% of target)



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