As you finally made it to this site, feel free to explore it. A note of warning though: this site is best view with a CSS2 enabled browser, with JavaScript support (enabled), such as Netscape 6+ and IE 5.5+.

Don't be fooled by the Caffeine word in the site name, the site is not dedicated to the Java related topics. The name is rather trying to suggest a state of mind: ideas and details, even small ones, that keep you awake at night like you had a lot of coffee in the day before.

This is the site of my spare time works, not my site. You may find mainly software related stuff, ideas and what-ifs that stole some of my sleeping time and haunted me for a while. Expressing them in articles, techniques, code snippets (maybe consistent chunks of code for the future) seems to make me get rid of the old ones, but only to make room for others... Here they are:

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